Faithful to the printing
profession since 1980


Here at Ålgård, web offset printing applies. This was the case before, the development has made it necessary to expand the possibilities. We have now become a versatile printing company that covers all your needs. 

In 1980, Tom B. Norland went to purchase a 1 color A3 sheet machine and a Heidelberg Wing. People at Ålgård wrinkled their noses. What in the world would a 23-year-old man with a printing company “far out in the country” do? History shows that it pays to think big about the village!


Ålgård Offset As 

established in 1980

Over the years, production has changed dramatically. From 1-color printing with simple plate clamping to printing of 3-dimensional motifs on plastic and dry offset. Eventually, the technology switched to web offset.

Our first press was Zircon 8-pages where most of it was manual. In 1996 it was replaced by a Komori System 20, this also an 8-page web offset press (narrow track). In 2001 came a Komori L-28 sheet press machine (52 x 72 cm). In 2003, we took the big step and invested in a Komori System 38, which is a 16-page web offset with various accessories.

Spring of 2009, Komori System 20 was replaced with a System 38-3. A 16-page web press the world had never seen before. Neither in efficiency nor speed. In the autumn of 2009, a Steinman 104 UV varnish press was also installed.

Ålgård Offset has also had its own pre-press department from the start, where the first photosetters were in use. First on paper, then on film. In the late 1990s, there was a revolution in the field and most went digital. The Mac was installed as a production machine and Computer to plate (ctp) was installed to illuminate the printing plates. The last one was installed in the spring of 2009 together with the new rotation. The capacity of plates had to be more than doubled.

We also have a separate post press department that started with a folding machine and a stitching machine, it has gradually increased in step with the expansion of printing machines. Today we have the country’s most flexible post press department – the latest investment is a Kolbus perfect binder with high capacity.

Today, Ålgård Offset has more than 75 employees and a 10,000m² large production facility. We produce over 500 million prints a year. This makes us one of larges in Norway


Printagon was established in 2013 and has its roots in Aller Trykk. Ålgård Offset saw opportunities in the newly established web offset printing plant, which is only 5 hours’ drive from the Norwegian border, to enter the market in Europe. In September 2015, we took over 51% of the shares – and in 2017 it increased to 91% ownership. Since the start, we have upgraded the machine park with everything from stitchers, cutting edge and not least a new 32-page MAN Roland web press. Starting in the summer of 2019 – The staff has increased from 15 employees in 2013 to 35. pr. June 2019. Capacity has gradually increased in line with the upgrade. The order intake has also been increasing. But there is still a large capacity.


The merger with Ålgård Offset means that we are one of the largest media centers in the Nordic region with a large capacity and flexibility.



  • 3 stk. Screen platesetter
  • Canon C650 Imagespress
  • Epson C7500
  • 2 stk. Epson 7200


  • 2 x 32-page LithoMan Rotation Web Heatset press
  • 3 x 16-page Komori S38 Web Heatset press
  • 1 x Komori HUV 72 x 102 Sheetfed
  • 1 x Steinman 104 – Uv-Varnish


  • Foliation: PP-Folie
  • 1 stk. Perfecta Guillotine
  • 3 stk. MBO Folding machine
  • 3 stk. Heidelberg Stitchmaster 450 Saddle Stitcher
  • 1 stk. Ferag Saddle Stitcher
  • 1 stk. Müller Martini Saddle Stitcher
  • 1 stk. Kolbus Perfect Binding

Printed in Norway


Foreign printing companies have a reputation for being far cheaper than companies in this country. Again, we must put on the “myth-breaker” hat. By choosing us, you avoid language challenges and geographical misunderstandings. difficulties like that can quickly become expensive in the long run. Relaying on a local printing company that really knows the printing profession with all that entails, pre-press, printing and post-press, pays off.

Here at Ålgård, we do our utmost to ensure that production is as cost-effective as possible

Here you can read more technical information, such as color management, systems, etc ..